Instruction for Castell Precision Slide Rules

The rules on this page originally comprised two main categories. Alcohol slide rule by J Long, London, made of boxwood and probably dating from the early twentieth century. The rule is almost certainly from a box containing a Sikes hydrometer, which it would have been used in conjunction with see Miscellaneous instruments pages. This appears to be primarily a gauging rule for determining the content of casks whether standing or lying and also functions as a comparative rule. Nine inches long, boxwood and brass.. The upper face is used for costing and the lower face for reducing. A two foot, two- fold rule. A boxwood and brass, three foot, four- fold rule, probably dating from the early twentieth century. It has been repaired, many years ago, with riveted on nickel silver plates.

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Sun Hemmi Slide Rules Hemmi was the largest manufacturer of slide rules, and is estimated to have sold some 15 million rules over its lifetime. These were sold under their own name Sun as well as redistributed for a large number of other companies, most notably the Frederick Post Co. Reflecting their Japanese origin, these rules were often made of bamboo with celluloid facings, which worked out very well since bamboo is naturally self-lubricating and withstands changes in temperature and humidity better than other types of wood.

Hemmi also made a number of plastic rules, which were generally of very high quality and compared well to other manufacturers. Given their extensive range of products, it is not surprising to see a number of specialized rules out there as well. Interestingly, Hemmi still exists today, but makes only hydraulic and related engineering components.

Physics Recreations: The Slide Rule n can obtain a real slide rule on the Internet from on-line auction sites or from Sphere and the Faber-Castell 2/83N. 3 Instructions The slide rule has three major limitationscompared to electronic calculators.

Picture a skinny kid in a white shirt, with a pocket protector holding about 7 pens pencils, a piece of tape around the center of a dark pair of horn-rimmed glasses When looking on TAS, many of the wooden models show mis-alignment of the slide with the body in one way or another. I guess after 40 to 70 years of storage humidity would not be too kind. Picket is something different: Aluminum construction, yellow versions, and a different scale layout.

I see one in my future. In school I didn’t need to wear glasses, and had a HP C instead of a rule, but otherwise you pretty much described me. As far as skinny, I remember when my waist size was shorter than my inseam!!! Now that was a long time ago. I remember when pocket protectors were treasured, not just in school, but at work as well.

Types of Slide Rules

Faber Castell Slide Rules Faber Castell rules were manufactured predominantly in Germany, and they were clearly the dominant European slide rule maker. Faber rules are considered by many slide rule enthusiasts as among the best ever made. They sold a wide range of models, with many of their early offerings made of Swiss pearwood or boxwood with celluloid facings. Later rules were made out of Geroplast their name for plastic and featured some of the most useful and advanced features ever seen on slide rules.

Always the innovator, Faber was often copied but rarely duplicated by other manufacturers.

37 patents had been granted (at first by the German Empire and later the Federal Republic) and 95 designs registered, which illustrates how important the slide-rule business was for Faber-Castell. The double-sided slide rules became increasingly popular.

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A brief history of the slide rules

Why did Hemmi start Versalog serial numbers with in ? In the Hemmi year code was ‘G’, the seventh letter of the alphabet. The tiny 1 mm high two-letter date code is moved from the top edge to the bottom edge, and is only stamped into the celluloid and not colored. It is sometimes quite faint, requiring magnification to find and read it.

NSTRUCTIONS CASTELL PRECISION SLIDE RULES „System Darmstadt” No. 67/54 b 67/54 R No. 1/54 /54 /54 A No. 4/54 A. W. FABER-CASTELL • STEIN NEAR NUREMBERG Note The Slide Rule “System Damstadt” resulted from the work of the Mathematical Institute of the Technical University of Darmstadt under the direction of Professor Walther and was.

When I was in high school I always had a slide rule. I think my sophomore year I took slide rule as a required subject. Every guy in school – it was Catholic military high school so they were all guys – had a Pickett slide rule, except me. I preferred a circular slide rule and would use no other. I can’t remember just why. But in college and grad school when I took statistics the first time we used the electrical-mechanical Monroe Calculator. We were all herded one day in to the Calculator Room – a whole classroom dedicated to undergraduate students for their one day a semester when they could touch the machines.

The high point of first year stat was when they got to go into the Calculator room and calculate a single standard deviation.

A.W. Faber: 373

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Use the various search options to discover and browse the details of the slide rules (many with images and copies of the instructions) I have collected since and the ones, especially acoustic and desktop models, I am still looking for. (Bekijk mijn verzameling rekenlinialen).

Faber’s first slide rules were made of boxwood but in they began using celluloid facings laminated onto the wooden body of the rule and in introduced the metal-rimmed glass cursor. They produced a wide range of slide rules, including specialist electrical and engineering rules. In they patented the Darmstadt scales which added several ranges of log-log scales. Faber continued to develop their slide rules, adopting new scales for specialist functions and new materials so that they could offer a range of affordable student rules as well as the more expensive celluloid faced rules.

As logarithmic slide rules cannot be used for addition and subtraction, in they added an Addiator type calculator, used with a stylus, to the back of some of their range, especially the business oriented models. They began producing injection moulded all plastic slide rules in the s. In a factory was established in Australia. Made History Notes There were generally two types of slide rules.

One type were the linear slide rules consisting of a pair of strips of timber faced with celluloid and in the mid th century, plastic forming what is known as the “stock” and with a sliding strip inset between them. Of these there are two sub-types: The other type were the circular slide rules consisting of two or three concentric disks.

Vintage Slide Rules

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Hemmi was granted Japanese patent in for laminated bamboo construction and success seems to have followed quickly thereafter. One can estimate dates of Hemmi slide rules from markings on the rules. I have not been able to narrow the date. Rules with model numbers date from before this changeover, rules with model numbers 20 and above were made after the changeover. Hemmi continued offering models 1, 5 and 8 to its distributors until WWII or later; these rules occasionally turn up with Post or Hughes-Owens model numbers but no Hemmi model number.

The company name was officially changed from “J. Hemmi was incorporated as a public corporation with no change in name. The first inch or first five centimeters of the measuring scales on ten-inch closed body rules is extra-finely divided. Hemmi continued to operate under that name through at least The Allied Powers occupation of Japan lasted from August until April 28, but the requirement that export goods be marked “Made in Occupied Japan” was in effect for a shorter period–from 20 February to 5 December Note the S scale on the upper slide in the illustration.

The S scale on the lower slide in the illustration is an example. Both slides are from Hemmi model 50W slide rules; the upper from a rule dated September ; the lower from a 50W dated May

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If you merely want to practice learning to use a slide rule, there is a nice virtual slide rule on-line. It is a replica of a PIckett 10 inch aluminum slide rule. It is a replica of a PIckett 10 inch aluminum slide rule.

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