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This English-only deluxe edition contains additional content noted below. Compare to the Standard edition, found here. This edition is playable only in English language. Step inside the most richly detailed and vibrant game-world ever created. With a powerful combination of freeform gameplay and unprecedented graphics, you can unravel the main quest at your own pace or explore the vast world and find your own challenges. Also included in the Game of the Year edition are Knights of the Nine and the Shivering Isles expansion, adding new and unique quests and content to the already massive world of Oblivion. See why critics called Oblivion the Best Game of Live Another Life in Another World Create and play any character you can imagine, from the noble warrior to the sinister assassin to the wizened sorcerer.

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Oblivion and Fallout 3 share the same engine, so tweaking the fallout. This should make better use of Dual and Quad-core systems. Also, increase iNumHavokThreads to 5 or so.

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Once united, the Emperor intended to begin the next stage of His great plan to ensure human domination of the Milky Way Galaxy , which He judged to be necessary if humanity was to survive the never-ceasing threats to its existence embodied by Chaos , myriad xenos races and its own fragile human nature. In time, when the Emperor’s eye first began to fall beyond Terra , He began to raise new armies to fight His Great Crusade. He drew these new troops in part from the forces that had already unified Terra during the Unification Wars of the late 30th Millennium.

To carry out the Great Crusade and reunite all the scattered colony worlds of Mankind beneath the single banner of the Imperium of Man , the Emperor created the genetically-enhanced superhuman warriors known as the Space Marine Legions. These forces would serve as the speartip of His Great Crusade that began in ca. M30, bringing the light of Imperial Truth and enforcing Imperial Compliance with the new regime on every human world encountered.

The base human stock for the majority of the first Space Marine Legions to be raised came from Terra , and in the case of the XIVth Legion the main bulk of the gene-recruits used were drawn from the ancient and warlike clans of Old Albia, situated in southeastern Europe, where what once had been the ancient nation-state of Albania. Indeed such was the suitability of there peoples for induction into the ranks of the Space Marines that recruits were drawn also to fill the ranks of the First Founding VIIIth and Xth Legions, the Night Lords and the Iron Hands , respectively, although to a lesser degree than the XIVth Legion which was by blood and culture shaped by the the warlords and Techno-barbarian of Albia as well as the hand of the Emperor.

The recruitment of the sons of Albia served a twofold purpose; firstly, and most importantly, it drew off the cream of whole generations of strength from a Terran realm, now friend and ally to the Imperium but never fully trusted. For Old Albia, towering amid the northern Atlan wilderness, had once been a true rival of the Emperor for control of the destiny of Mankind.

By recruiting their brightest and best into the Legiones Astartes and the other growing Imperial organisations marked for war amid the stars, the Emperor ensured they could never threaten the Unification from within. Secondly, it subsumed into the Emperor’s forces all the martial traditions and bloodlines that had for centuries held much of Terra under their cruel grasp and had eventually overcome the Panpacific Empire under the rule of its Unspeakable King, Narthan Dume.

Oblivion Guard Sex Mod

On Ocuk For those who are newcomers to this mod, it started out as “Better Servant and Rosethorn Hall” where I wanted to improve the maid, and Skingrad house, but as things progressed it quickly turned into a hot and steamy romance mod as well with quest dates you can take her on. I’ve turned the ugly old Nord into a somewhat better looking servant, and I’ve improved Rosethorn Hall a bit, by adding a swimming pool and various other small changes.

I’ve given her all sorts of new behavior, and we’ve come up with a wardrobe that allows her to change clothes every day and for special activities. She works around the house and is reluctant to date the player at first, in fact she gives you the cold shoulder for a while until you prove you are serious.

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A series renown for its immersive atmosphere, creative storytelling, and near limitless in-game content that can take months, if not years to fully explore. Those lucky enough to experience Skyrim on the pc are treated to a constantly growing selection of user generated content that shapes and molds Bethesda’s universe into something the modders can truly call their own.

Over the last several years I have dabbled in the released content and mashed together my own collection of these mods, developing a list of must have add-ons. Many of these lists exist, but this one is simply my preference – it does not encompass all the modifications I use. However, all of these additions change the gameplay in a way that improves immersion, ease of use, or adds content to the game in a way that I feel enhances the existing content without breaking you out of the universe Bethesda has created.

Skyrim script extender SKSE:

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This is a companion mod offering a surprisingly “aware” companion, lots of commentary, tons of functionality, and even a few quests. I almost didn’t play this one. I love a good companion mod, but Arren seemed to have the wrong ingredients for my tastes. He pops up a little too early in the story you meet him as you’re escaping prison , and his power level and cheat factor are both on the high side.

I finally decided to give him a try when restarting again from the beginning with a new set of mods.

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Sandbox Giskard and False Accusations Update: In May of , Giskard restructured his entire website. When he did so, he posted another very long rant full of a whole bunch of lies and deceitful posts where he’s whitewashed the truth of pretty much everything going back 7 years now. You can read his accounting of things here: I said I wasn’t going to get into this before, but this has gone far enough and needs to be responded to so that the record can be set straight.

Wall of text to follow, if you don’t give a crap, you have nobody to blame but yourself for reading. In order for this all to make some bit of sense, I’m going to need to go over the history of things as I recall them. Due to the nature of the Bethesda Softworks forum system, linking to specific threads will be impossible. With that in mind, here we go. I’m heavily into RPGs. In fact, they’re practically all I play. My shelf in the closet is packed with stuff going clear back to I took a particular liking to Morrowind because it was so advanced for its time and no matter how much you played, you could always find something you hadn’t seen before.

Then there were mods, and I had plenty.

Dragon Break

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This mod is designed as a quest mod, not a companion quest mod. You do not “have to” “drag” a companion along with you, as in some of Emma’s previous mods. But, once you have completed the main quest, some of the NPCs will be happy to follow you on your adventures, if you want them to.

Which property are we searching today? An assortment of filthy and strange Oblivion mods, including Michael Jackson, prostitution, and huge deformed boobs. An assortment of filthy and oblivion prostitution mod quotes Obblivion mods, including Michael Jackson, prostitution, oblivion prostitution mod quotes huge deformed boobs. Oblivion prostitution mod quotes Too oblivoon original author stopped working oblivion prostitution mod quotes it, all you have are textual interactions, nothing animated, but from folders structure it seems that too was in the works by using animations from Animated Prostitution.

Your account has either been suspended or you have been banned from accessing this resource. Agree to this proposal and she’ll ask you to recruit some assistants for her. Blocked IP Address – GameFAQs Obpivion oblivion prostitution mod quotes one more thing concerning Oblivion, you can come out of the dark brotherhood well just kill the dude when he first talks oblivion prostitution mod quotes you it shouldn’t get you a bounty.

Oh and one more thing concerning Oblivion, you can come out of the dark brotherhood well just kill the dude when he first talks peostitution you it shouldn’t get you a bounty. There is only one way to check it. Support — as thread starter. Pornographic mods This place was once the primer brotel in the wastelands, and he the proud owner of said place, as well as a stable of girls that oblivion prostitution mod quotes had broken, and then used to build the place up.

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The Time-Wound is often considered to be the first, and possibly smallest, Dragon Break to ever occur. Whether or not the Time-Wound should actually be considered a Dragon Break is arguable, however, due to the event being described as shattered time, it is normally speculated to have been a break of smaller proportion. At the peak of the Throat of the World , the first of the Nordic Tongues attempted to slay the Dragon-God, Alduin , with the help of the mortal-made shout known as ” Dragonrend.

The eldest of the three, Felldir the Old , had brought an Elder Scroll with him, and he utilized its mysterious powers alongside the Thu’um to banish Alduin. The actions of Felldir created a small wound in time in the location where Alduin vanished, where it would remain until the present.

Hot Coffee is a normally inaccessible mini-game in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, developed by Rockstar awareness of the existence of the mini-game arrived with the release of the Hot Coffee mod, created for the Microsoft Windows port of GTA: San Andreas in This mod enables access to the mini-game. The mini-game portrays crudely animated sexual.

Originally Posted by eskie Well, given the lavish lifestyles my sims end up experiencing, along with the general lack of job related stress my sims typically enjoy, not only do I never feel guilty about what happens to them, but I’m usually downright jealous of my sims’ lives. If only the real world was as pleasant as Simland. Outside of the rare meteor, or the shark attack that ends poorly which doesn’t even happen most of the time, my sims always come out on top in those encounters , what the hell does a sim have to worry about, anyway?

Show up for work, goof around at the water cooler, and you’ll still get paid and promoted. Be a painter or writer, and your books and paintings always sell. Hell, be a gardener, and never worry about droughts or blights, your harvest always sells for top dollar. Even when you’re still in school, as long as you show up, so long as you do your homework, you can talk to your friends all freaking day and still get on the honor roll.

Perils of escaped Skyrim slavegirl 11

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The best Skyrim mods: These are the mods you need to keep you journeying for that extra mile. Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles is the most stunningly beautiful world created for Skyrim; all saturated colours and neon fauna. As the name suggests, it burrows down 50 levels deep. Each floor contains enemies, and defeating them unlocks the door to the next cavern.

An arena-style combat challenge, this dungeon also randomly changes on every visit to encourage multiple replays. Lore friendly and prioritising exploration and story, each one of the five quests in the collection adds new areas to discover, all littered with a vast collection of heavily-researched texts. Moonpath to Elsweyr Travel to Elsweyr , a tropical region inhabited by a great variety of new creatures. Hunt hyenas in the desert and stalk raptors in the jungle as you complete the six-quest-long storyline revealing wonders of the area.

Fight against the Thalmor More a campaign than a questline, Fight against the Thalmor is comprised of four Workshop files each containing a chapter of the prolonged struggle against a bunch of racist elves. Rather than offering up standard quests to the log, the mod provides the locations within the game and allows the story to play out naturally through the use of letters and journals, NPCs, and a few side-quests.

Oblivion Mods

This excludes the game world’s main cities which are already unlocked for fast travel from the start of the game. The player can arrive at the desired location instantaneously by selecting the icon on the map. At the beginning of the game, players select one of many human or anthropomorphic races, each of which has different natural abilities, and customize their character’s appearance. Seven skills are selected early in the game as major skills, with the remainder termed minor.

The only time I truly felt “sim” guilt was when I made my witch mother and daughter move to Moonlight Falls. The mother got with a vampire and then married him. Meanwhile the daughter who was a young adult also wanted to go for the vampire (she had the flirty trait) and repeatedly tried to flirt with him.

In Guns of Glory, you take the lead as a rising Lord in a Kingdom thrown into war! Train an army of loyal Musketeers, manage your resources, construct devious traps and raid your enemies into oblivion, all in order to claim the crown and turn your Alliance into an unbeatable empire! In an era of emerging progress and science, shoot down enemies and lead the attack with deadly advanced aircraft for a new level of RTS warfare.

How will you customize your own flying warship? Set your own strategy to attack enemies and aid allies! Develop a game strategy to fit your own style in GoG and claim victory! Construct a glorious fortified Estate, master a range of devastating skills and arm yourself with indestructible weapons to ensure your survival and success in this world of multiplayer strategy war! Guns of Glory is completely free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money.

If you do not want to use this feature, please select password protection for purchases in your Google Play Store app.

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It was established in July as a branch of Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association , and became an officially recognized non-profit organization in The head of the OFLC is called the Chief Censor, maintaining a title that has described the government officer in charge of censorship in New Zealand since The current ratings are: Anyone can be shown or sold this. Films and games with a PG label can be sold, hired, or shown to anyone. The PG label means guidance from a parent or guardian is recommended for younger viewers.

Feb 14,  · Happy Valentine’s day! Jesus Christ what have I done? I feel unclean after making this. also if I hear this song one more time, I’ll lose my mind.

Designed to be pets, more than companions. You can interact with the cats – they will love you if you give them rat meat. And all “Children in Morrowind” will notice and comment on them. Same goes of course for the “Your Morrowind Family” mod – they will love the cats, and some companions will comment on them as well. Emma originally made this mod for her daughter. In the mod, there are two nifty rings – one for the cats, one for the kittens – which will bring them to you anywhere.

If you are together with them, they will end up next to you, regardless if you are indoors or outdoors. If you are separated from them, you have to be outdoors for the rings to work. This companion will level up with the player. There is a version of the. Aside from the automatic healing feature that has become standard in Baratheon’s companion mods, she has little spellcasting ability.

Instead, she is best with ranged weapons or spears. Her head and hair are from Better Heads v1. Ask anyone in Seyda Neen about “someone in particular” to get her to show up.

Skyrim Mod: Relationship Dialogue Overhaul