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Yes, there are long wait lists for non-emergency medical treatments. Costa Rica doctors are for the most part, U. Outside of San Jose, the hospitals and clinics can be lacking the most basic diagnostic tools. Want a name-brand drug? Think about a person from a big city in the Northeast moving to a small town in the deep south. Language barrier and all.

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Morgan Point From the Carefree Getaways staff; We wish to thank everyone for their well wishes and support. We did lose Morgan Point and Paradise Revisited but the owners are rebuilding! We are taking reservations for our other villas! St John Island update Feb.

I got up to close the hatch, unplug the computers and put our essential electronics (GPS, phones, VHF) in to the oven to protect them from a lightning strike. Then I went back to bed. Soon the rain was drumming on the deck above our heads and huge drops were plopping in the water just outside our bed.

I sent you an email. Storm was coming up so I only had a chance to try rounds of different ammo. It feed and fired every type of ammo I had. Even the Remington that would not chamber in Colt. Never missed firing or had any feed problems. The wind was up put it does not appear to be as accurate as colt. Eley Practice seemed to group the best, wind was a factor but I tried for calm air.

Seems to have same trigger group as AR Both front and rear sights are removable. Bolt comes out same a AR for cleaning. Very light weight, maybe a little too light. Eats all types of ammo and does not complain. Well made as far as I could tell. Things I did not like:

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Connects Belen to Tamarindo area in Guanacaste. Paved two-lane road marked with lines. Does not go all the way to Tamarindo but there is signage in Villareal indicating the turnoff. Back to the top Route Important: Route has two portions — 1 Naranjo to Cobano on southeastern Nicoya Peninsula.

A group of special needs children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and developmental delays such as autism traveled to Avellanas, in the province of Guanacaste, Saturday to enjoy, some for the first time, a day at the beach.

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Two Day Value Package, total cost up to 4 people. Wives stay for FREE! Private round trip airport transfers San Jose, Intl. The fishing was slow the first half of the day but the crew stayed after it, trying new spots and different lures and the action got hot. We ended up with 8 sails and 1 marlin another marlin got off after a nice fight.

Surfing Etiquette can be described as the official list of rules for the sport of surfing. Having these rules allows us all to surf in harmony with one another.

Find out more Essentials Planning your trip Book your trip Books Features Costa Rica is famous for year-round adventure tourism and its variety of adrenaline-fuelled outdoor activities, with numerous well-organized packages and guided outings. Hiking Almost everyone who comes to Costa Rica does some sort of hiking or walking, whether it be through the rainforest, on grassy uplands or drylands, or ambling along beaches and well-maintained national park trails.

Make sure you bring sturdy shoes or hiking boots and a hat, sunblock and lightweight rain gear. There are a number of things you have to be careful of when hiking in Costa Rica. The chief danger is dehydration: To lessen anxiety if you do get lost, make sure you have matches, a torch and, if you are at a fairly high altitude, warm clothing. It gets cold at night above m, and it would be ironic and put quite a damper on your holiday to end up with hypothermia in the tropics.

White-water rafting After hiking and walking, white-water rafting is probably the single most popular activity in Costa Rica. White-water rafting entails getting in a rubber dinghy with about eight other people including a guide and paddling, at first very leisurely, down a river, before negotiating exhilarating rapids of varying difficulty. Wildlife you are likely to see from the boat includes crocodiles, caiman, lizards, parrots, toucans, herons, kingfishers and iguanas.

Dress to get wet, with a bathing suit, shorts and surfer sandals or gym shoes. The small town of in the Zona Norte, is a good base for customized kayaking tours, with a number of specialist operators or lodges that rent boats, equipment and guides. Sea kayaking has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is an activity for experienced kayakers only, and should never be attempted without a guide — the number of rivers, rapids and streams pouring from the mountains into the oceans on both coasts can make currents treacherous, and kayaking dangerous without proper supervision.

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But, before you pack your gear, there are a few things you might want to be aware of when booking a fishing trip down here. Costa Rica has extremely different geographic areas, microclimates, currents, which can affect the fishing seasons. But these are really just the basics.

You can get an amazing deal on a property right now, as long as you chose the right area. It will be a great investment in 2 years as the development is moving South of Tamarindo. In , we got blessed by finding water on our property.

As Costa Rica pacific coast’s whitest and finest sand beaches with a marina, entertainment, hotels, dining and shopping in walking distance has given Flamingo its long-standing reputation for luxury living while enjoying this natural paradise like setting. This beach has for the longest time been considered the epicenter of beach tourism for the North west Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Due to a law suit with the majority land owner kept this area out of development pathway for over 20 years.

With the lawsuit finally settled this area has started booming again in a more sophisticated fashion. Flamingo is a beach community that has kept its exclusive standing as most of the rapid less well planned developments have gone to the Papagayo region to the north and Tamarindo to the south. Flamingo has everything you require from a city without any of the negative aspects associated from an urban setting.

This area is known for high end and exclusive villas.

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We gobble the ripe mangoes in thick slices, juices sluicing down our faces. We load mango onto our ensalada mixta, cut it up with other local fruit. We make mango salsa, mango marmalada, mango nieve … a creamy rich Mexican-style sorbet.

A REAL MUST SEE!!! 4 bd, 3 ba, 2 car garage home. Minutes from 5Fwy/fwy, Military Base, Shops, and Downtown San Diego. Walk to nearby award winning Schools, Churches and Recreational Center. Previously a model home with all the upgrades/finishes. .

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If you appreciate impeccable craftsmanship with local materials and attention to every detail, you will find that Diosa del Mar feels like home the moment you step through the door. This extraordinary beachfront estate is a rare masterpiece in architecture and interior design, and includes every luxury imaginable. The sumptuous decor has been customized with some finest art, creating a true beachfront palace. Diosa del Mar is located in the quiet and gorgeous beach village of Playa Junquillal and is entirely private.

Diosa del Mar is a dramatic vision at night, as seen from the edge of the 60 foot luxury infinity-edge pool. A tropical garden of some

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Book Now Windholtz Sashimi If you have ever been sport fishing before, then you know the importance of choosing the right charter boat for your deep sea adventure. And because Costa Rica is known for its world-renown fishing, you want to have the best crew to hunt after those legendary Billfish. So if you are planning a vacation to include or showcase some tropical sport fishing Costa Rica style, we know the Gamefisher II will meet your every expectation for an epic day on the water. Our bi-lingual crew does all the heavy-lifting, and will coach you to a successful catch.

The crew have over 50 years total combined experience fishing on the Gamefisher II, they work together like a fine tuned machine. They are passionate about fishing, excellent teachers and humble people who genuinely hope that each guest will have such a great time they will return again the following season. The fishing grounds off of Cabo Velas, the westernmost point of Costa Rica, located in the Nicoya peninsula with Tamarindo Bay on the south side and Flamingo Bay to the north side, are some of the most productive fishing waters in Costa Rica for a wide variety of billfish: Pacific sailfish, blue marlin, black marlin and striped marlin.

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