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NEWS Vintage drums for sale. All sales will be paid through PayPal. You will receive an itemized invoice with the make, model, and serial if there is one. Send contact information with a brief description and please include photos. For sale is a vintage Slingerland Spitfire snare drum. The drum is 6. These drums were produced for a very short period of time and you rarely see them up for sale.

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The sizes of the drums are 12″ tom, 14″ floor tom, and 20 bass drum. This golden era of drum building kit is one of the most sought after ever, due to Ringo and the Beatles playing the exact same configuration when they first came to America that year. The wrap on all the 3 drums is in excellent condition, with a few very minor scratches barely visible.

Acoustic Drums – Ludwig Classic Maple Floor Toms are a great choice for any musical genre. Punchy and powerful, this drum’s 7-ply maple shell delivers stunning impact with a strong fundamental and the aggressive attack maple is famous for.

Originally Posted by zodiaque hey tonebender, did you have bad experiences with modern ludwig snares too? I was forced to use Classic Maple sets for a few years. I was playing Ringo in a Beatle tribute act and the group owned a set in black oyster pearl. It must have been made at 4: Often, we’d fly to gigs and couldn’t bring the whole back line. There was always something wrong with them; poorly cut bearing edges, out of round, wrap lifting, sub par strainers, on and on.

Just general quality control issues that shouldn’t be there that consistently. I must have played on 50 of those sets, and at least half of them were problematic. I also had to work overly hard to tune them to get a decent sound. They might be great for modern music, but I was replicating Ringo, who typically had an amazing, warm, punchy sound with lots of tone throughout his Beatle career which comes down to:

Ludwig Super-Sensitive: The Eternal Throwoff

Learn more by clicking the link below. Sorry that I have to say this, but too many people have not been able to figure it out on their own. Please do not just email me a serial number and demand that I tell you how old it is. First of all, that is rude. Second, as fully discussed in the dating guide, there is much more to it than that. Third, it takes time to answer each request.

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Rogers Holiday kit Vintage drums, legendary sounds: When we think of legendary American drums that the golden era of popular music was built on, one of the finest drum sets ever produced was this here ginger Rogers. Although this drum set started life in the catalogues and in the drum stores as a silver glass glitter wrap, time has matured it. The colour change is no indication of a poor quality finish; many drum sets from this era spent their days and more likely, nights in smoky bars and clubs and quite often, tobacco staining can be a factor of the colour change.

Some believe these to be the finest drums ever produced, and the sound, build quality and design would certainly lend well to this accolade. It was his son who, in the s, began producing drums. From until , Rogers shells were a maple five-ply construction, with five-ply reinforcement rings.


Drums of the World List Drums by different names come from different continents and other defined geographical areas. Some drums have many different spelling variations, but the most common ones are used here. Most drums are African, Latin, or Middle Eastern in origin, although some come from Europe or island nations. Drums are a huge part of Native American heritage as well. African Drums African culture is known for its celebration of drumming, and African drums are popular with drummers the world over.

Vintage Ludwig drums -featuring the classic 3-ply shell construction from Ludwig’s Golden Era- are treasured for tonal purity in recording environments. As Ludwig’s flagship professional drum line, Legacy Series is a decidedly modern twist on our vintage shell formula.

Originally posted by angr77 View Post Thanks again Alan – but can you really determine tempate cut based on these two pictures? The first is a photo from a snare sold on auction as a Super-Ludwig s and the second is the actual Super-Ludwig BB which we sampled. I can’t see any differences on the template cut The auction snare is missing the last part on the strainer adjuster and has not the extra metal snare guard.

They really changed the strainer design – which can be reflected and seen in the Ludwig Catalogs. I’ve been talking about the first pic the entire time! That’s the one that was posted earlier in the thread. This is probably why we’re all all over the map on this dating. It IS Super Ludwig as we’ve both stated , but it’s from the 30’s. I thought the one in the first pic was the sampled snare. The mount is wider. Thus, my opinion on the strainer template. Since I have not had the second image’s strainer your sampled one one in my possession, I do not know it is less width for sure.

It was an educated guess.

How to Date Slingerland Drums

Travel in time from the warm, well-rounded room-sound of the 60s to pristine, modern styles, plus everything in-between. Get behind two 60s kits, exquisitely-recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Command your own 60s drummer in the form of a comprehensive Groove Library, and polish your sound with a detailed Mixer Section and class-A studio effects. An iconic symbol of the music industry since , Abbey Road has been the location of countless landmark recordings by artists such as The Beatles, U2, Kate Bush, Oasis, Kanye West and Radiohead, to name just a few.

Abbey Road has pioneered many studio techniques and technologies, and is widely recognized as one of the most advanced recording, mixing and post-production complexes in the world.

Slingerland is one of the greatest drum companies of all-time. Rob Cook has lovingly compiled the Slingerland story, with detailed chapters on the family, the Boston background, the company through the decades, Slingerland endorsees and personnel, the Gretsch/HSS era, .

Drum badge Slingerland catalog Slingerland is a drum manufacturer originally based out of Chicago, Ill. The drum brand was famously played by Buddy Rich, who’s still considered one of the greatest drummers of all time. Clues to be used in dating a Slingerland drum can be found all around the drum and can help you occasionally home in on an exact date of the drum. The lack of accurate serial number recording and large overlaps and reissues of shell veneers and labels can make dating the drums slightly more difficult than other drum brands.

Take a look at the badge on the drum. The drum badge is one of the easiest ways to accurately date a Slingerland drum. The shape of the badge is a great identifier. From , Slingerland used metal badges with a more floral shape. In they switched to round badges in solid metal colors. From on the company began using the oval badge with a black background that you still see on Slingerlands today. Date your Slingerland drum by identifying the veneer of the drum.

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William F Ludwig II When the group made its first American television appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in , Ringo was so impressed with the Ludwig drum kit provided that he asked Bill Ludwig to build one specially for him, with the company name emblazoned on the bass drumhead. Ludwig did so, prompting such a huge demand for his products that the Chicago-based firm had to build a , sq ft extension to its factory and recruit a night shift.

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Aside from the first few weeks you toured with YES in , I am wondering if there has been a gig that was so unbelievably good that you will never forget it, and the reasons for that; as well, has there ever been a gig so bad you wish you could forget it, and why? Any funny tales from the road you would like to share?

You know, the band plays at such a high standard that most gigs are really really good with YES. There are things that stick out. Memorable gigs like Rock in Rio, playing to , people. That was a great show. Also when we played in the round at Madison Square Garden. Those things stand out in my mind. And, you know, the band always rose to the occasion on those evenings.

Ludwig Accent 5-Piece Drum Set Review

I know this survive the fire. On loan from Ringo Starr, it was originally presented to him by the Ludwig Drum Company during The Beatles’ visit to Chicago when the legendary rock group, in which Mr. Starr was the drummer, was on its first tour of the United States. To thank Ringo for using their instruments, company president William F. It bears a plaque reading:

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I had the Zickos kit, circa twin 14″ rack toms. It was the same model kit that Clyde Stubblefield used for a few tours with James Brown. I traded a Ludwig Monroe NC 6. My Zickos was meticulously cared for and kept in cases for over 40 years. The shells were 18×22″ 10×14″ rack toms 2x and a 18×18″ floor tom no snare. Make sure your Zickos kit has all of the original hardware. Many that have survived have been modified, especially the lugs.

The Zickos kits made between have unique lugs. The hoops have notches where the claw of each lug fits into the slotted hoop. Check the bearing edges. Zickos kits were known for having good bearing edges unlike the Ludwig Vistalites that came out of that era late ’60’s early ’70’s. The Zickos hardware is also unique. The original bass drum spurs for the first Zickos kits were outsourced to Ludwig Drum Co.

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